A Glimpse into the courtship ritual of the Terrible Kneed Lizard

In an effort to attract a mate, the Tyrannakneeosaurus used a variety of methods to catch the females attention. When posturing, mating calls, and courtship dances didn’t work, the male would often resort to “props” to woo her. Items such as sticks , smooth stones and shiny pieces were occasionally employed.


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The Angel of Death Kneemonster’s discovery.

On the side of Luukowt mountains, somewhere in China the first fossil remains of the Angel of Death Kneemonster were discovered in 1927 by one QJ Nickerson.


Nickerson a renowned pilot, archeologist and notorious experimental airplane borrower,  was quoted by reporters upon his apprehension as feeling  “like a kindred spirit” to the creature for some reason .




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Mobyknee and its predator

Mobyknee had few in  the way of predators and those who did take on the leviathon had to get reeeeally clever and work together. The first example was try and match the big animals size, known as the “Fight Fire with Fire” strategy.firewfireThis is not to be confused with the “Fight Fire with real Fire” a rare method due to the difficulty in getting a flamethrower to work underwater.
firerealfire A further variation would be the “Fight Fire with a big Jeesley Axe” method.jeesleyaxe and finally, the least effective strategy, the “Fight Fire with a large Fluffy Cat” method.fluffycat

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The Largest Kneefish who ever swam…

Kneemonster, kneefish, ancient

The Gentle Giant creature Kneefish known as Moby Knee.

A rendering based on fossil evidence found by our very own scientists  ( To be named later when we find out who they were) The Moby Knee, despite its fearsome appearance, was one of the gentler of the Kneefish family.

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The Long Nightmare is over

After meticulous excavation, the Angel of Death Kneemonster fossil, first discovered by QJ Nickerson ( The noted aviator/paleontologist) can finally be displayed to the public.


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More Photographic evidence

This recently revealed photo appears to show the body of a prehistoric wooly kneemonster in it’s entirety.

In a prepared statement, the Russian “Scientists” claimed that the fire the creature was on was necessary for research and not alcohol fueled at all…

wooly kneemonster barbeque

Most very official, state approved, self inflicted photograph.


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Questionable Kneemonster sighting


Wooly Kneeemonster sketchy attack photo

Wooly Kneeemonster sketchy attack photo

A poorly documented instance has recently been brought to our attention of a fully intact fully grown bull,Wooly Kneemonster discovered by Russian “Scientists” in the dumpster behind a Vodka factory. So well preserved was the specimen that in the attempt to thaw it out on the barbeque, it reanimated, realized what was going on and made life extremely exciting/difficult for a minute or two for its discoverers/captors until it staggered clumsily off in the Siberian night.

As you might well imagine the accounting of this story has come under some question and the only real evidence that the Russian Scientists have to back up their claim is the following photographic evidence.


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An Artist’s rendering of the VanMaberley, the forerunner of the a great Dinosaur Kneemonsters…

Van Maberley Kneemonster

The nasty piece of business known as the Van Maberley

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Behold! The Ancient (and quite dapper) Horseshoe Shark

The Horseshoe shark made many a meal out of an unsuspecting Juvenile Kneefish, making him widely considered a bit of a jerk among the juvenile Kneefish community the world over.

Horseshoe shark

An ancient foe of the Young Kneefish

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